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Get Out and Shoot! Video….

No need for popcorn because this video will be over before you even realize it. Today’s post is just a quick little reminder to get out there and shoot. This is something that I will admit I don’t do enough of and getting out and shooting video is something I rarely, if ever get to do.

Custom Rig Courtesy of Ryan Ruhl

The following clip was shot in just a few minutes with the help (riding) of Ryan Ruhl. I think it look longer to upload then to shoot and edit the whole thing but what is art without a little suffering.

The camera I used was the Gopro Hero it’s a little powerhouse of a camera and not to harsh on the budget. This was also the first time I got to use my custom-made rig in the field. My rig is an old set of Ry’s BMX handle bars that he cut down for me and Gopro’s handlebar mount. The set up worked great and my compositions are adequate considering I had no viewfinder or monitor to set up my shots. I do have the little viewfinder that GoPro sells but mine came “Dead On Arrival” and I’ve been too lazy to send the unit back.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the clip and remember to get out and shoot. More videos from me.

Chad Ruhl

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