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Deluxe BMX Woodlanders

Woodlanders covers the US Deluxe team as Mike Saavedra, Mark Potoczny, Ted Van Orman and Jeremy Ball (along with guests) ventured to a select bunch of trails spots in PA in late 2013 – this is the full series.

Edit: Jay Simmons

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Seasons with Jeremy Ball


Lost my way but sometimes with help, we can find our way back. Step inside for more
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A Million Years Ago.

When you kill it on your first edit don’t you have to make another! Ever.

Deluxe BMX Woodlanders Part 1 – Potoczny and Ball Trails 2 /4

Here is part 2 of the edits I helped film. Read more

PBR @ The Kellogg Arena


Random post with no words just photos. Read more