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Deluxe BMX Woodlanders Trailer 1/4 TBC………..

Had the great honor to be able to film for Deluxe BMX… Read more

Wash Away – Stacy Koviak

Sometimes you just have to shoot and edit a music video. This video was filmed and edited years ago with Al Lassen and Tony Hogrefe featuring Stacy Koviak. We filmed with three different cameras during two takes with one studio session for the close ups and tied it all together in Final Cut Pro.

Chad Ruhl

3.14.2012 Ryan Ruhl Edit (BMX)

So it seems I have nothing better to do then follow my little brother around with a camera. This time we visited the stunning Coldwater extreme park for a quick web edit. I guess web edits are the hot new trends. Edit was shot with the new GoPro HERO2 and edited in Final Cut Pro.

Sit back and hope that you didn’t just waste 40 seconds of your life.

Chad Ruhl

Get Out and Shoot! Video….

No need for popcorn because this video will be over before you even realize it. Today’s post is just a quick little reminder to get out there and shoot. This is something that I will admit I don’t do enough of and getting out and shooting video is something I rarely, if ever get to do. Read more