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Almost Like Being There.

Not to long ago I had a post on my supreme act of laziness in which rather than drive back home to get a battery charger for my DSLR I just left town one camera bag lighter and used my iPhone and Instagram to share images of my excursions. That post got me to thinking. The ease and convenience of traveling light was great but the ease and convenience of being able to post a photo on Instagram was great for a quick visual record of my travels. So I thought what other trips had I been on and what photos did I share from that trip on Instagram. I had just recently been out in Albuquerque and I shared a bunch of photo from my DSLR with you the reader. Now sure you may never peep in on my Instgram and I’m guilty of just forgetting about any photo posted on there but today is more of an inside look at what I may take photos of when I feel like making a quick share with Instagram.

Chad Ruhl

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