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Ryan Ruhl – Coldwater Skatepark Coldwater, Mi. (CXP)

Ryan Ruhl  Fufanu

Ryan Ruhl - Photo by Chad Ruhl

I wanted to do a post today about a rider that I have had the pleasure of photographing a few times. I immediately scraped that idea for a much shorter post dealing with losing sight of your surroundings. 

Out of all the images I shot this day it was this one image that for me really stood out from the others in the gallery. I guess it was the fact that the image is a temporary departure from my grab the 70-200 and frame it in tight shooting style that set the image apart. Sometimes it’s hard to break mannerisms (good or bad) that you have relied on and that have served you well in the past. I shot this image with my go to lens and then like I have so many time in the past I took a few steps but this time I stepped away from my subject. It was made clear to me that day or at some point after is that sometimes what you think is the subject is just part of a bigger picture.

This may have had a bigger impact on me but that is another post…

Chad Ruhl

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