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Photography gear for under $5

Bucket Photo By Chad Ruhl.

Every so often a piece of photography equipment come along that is so simple and over looked that you will wonder how you go along with out it. For myself that item was a plain Five gallon bucket from the local big box home improvement store. This single orange bucket has done so much for me.

Firstly, it serves as a storage area for the sandbags that had migrated to every corner of the trunk of my car. Now they are in one place conveniently stored and not over-taking valuable cargo space in my Honda car.

Secondly, this bucket aids in the task of adjusting my height. I used to have a small step stool that I would use for shooting over high fences at baseball games and for being at eye level with some of the taller athletes I had the pleasure of photographing. This bucket has also carried out the duty of a seat for some of my lower angle shooting or just to rest on.

So there you have it a $5 space saving and height adjusting piece of photography equipment that doesn’t come from one of those wallet draining camera shops.

Oh if you happen to fall off I can in no way be held liable.

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  1. Art Frith #

    I’ve had a white bucket in the back of my truck(s) for years to store a winter jacket/gloves, etc. It does come in handy at times when you don’t have a folding chair to sit on……when the situation allows for sitting. 🙂

    September 23, 2011
    • Art, The ball buckets that coaches use with the nice padded lids is what gave me the idea.

      September 23, 2011

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